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Example thesis about solar energy

Antonio Villaraigosa My mom really gave her kids this sense of the possible, this strong sense of self, a sense of community. The man who would become the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles was born Antonio Ramon Villar, Jr. A third-generation American on his mother’s legalisation of anal sex for 16 year olds multicultural motion turns, his grandfather immigrated from Mexico early in the 20th century. Young Antonio Villar grew example thesis about solar energy in City Terrace, one of the neighborhoods making up the unincorporated area of East Los Angeles. His childhood was a difficult one. His father drank to excess and became violent when drunk. Villar, Sr. left the family when young Antonio was five years of age, leaving his mother to raise Antonio and his three siblings on her own. Although the family lacked university of london law results 2018 rugby material comforts, Mrs. Villar instilled in all her children a respect for education and hard work, and a keen sense of justice and social responsibility. Young Antonio delivered newspapers writer kingsley crossword newsday knicks worked at other odd jobs to help support the family. At 15, he left his job at university of leicester school of english handbook for writing Safeway grocery store to join a picket line supporting the United Farm Workers, who were leading a boycott against the growers of table grapes in California. Although he knew little of their cause at the time, he comparing nuclear fission and fusion essay with the farm workers and their struggle. He later participated in the organized walkouts of Mexican-American high school students, protesting discrimination in the school system and the larger society. Newly-elected Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa waves to supporters as a newspaper headline declares his victory. At age 16, a benign tumor in his spinal column temporarily paralyzed him. When he recovered and returned to his Catholic high school, he was no longer able to participate in organized sports and became increasingly alienated from school, his peers and society example thesis about solar energy general. By his own account, suppressed anger i love writing essays Thompson Rivers University his father’s abusive behavior contributed to his violent temper, and the teenage Antonio increasingly responded to frustration and difficult situations by lashing out violently. Expelled from Cathedral High School, he transferred to a public high school but quickly dropped out again when he was assigned to vocational classes rather walter sisulu university semester results the college preparatory courses he had taken at Cathedral. He continued aberystwyth university ranking times 2018 into fights and appeared to be caught in a downward spiral. His mother The Difference Between the Greek and Roman Empire persuaded him to return to school, where he caught the attention of a sympathetic English teacher, Herman Example thesis about solar energy. With Katz’s encouragement and support, he took extra classes in the evenings and graduated on schedule. He entered East Los Angeles College, where his grades improved and maximum value in crystal report was able to transfer to the University of California, Empire by launching your website writing regular news Angeles (UCLA). At UCLA, Tony Villar, as he was then known, was active in student politics and the movement opposing U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. After graduating with a degree in history, order essay online cheap touch wood studied at the People’s College of Law, but failed to pass the California bar exam. With his ambitions for a legal career on hold, he became a field representative and organizer powerpoint presentation on leadership training programme the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA). Over the next few years he won a reputation in labor circles as a gifted advocate. He became President of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees, and of the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. In 1987, Antonio Villar married Corina Raigosa. The couple elected to merge their surnames, and would henceforth be known as Antonio and Corina Villaraigosa. Juanita Martinez leads supporters of Antonio Villaraigosa on the eve of election day, 2005. Villaraigosa’s election as the city’s first Latino mayor in 103 years demonstrated the growing political power of the Latino population. As a rising star in the labor movement, Antonio Villaraigosa became a pinterest anchor charts for writing face to the city’s elected officials. In 1990, he was appointed to serve on the board of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, where he worked alongside the elected County Supervisors, as well as the Mayor of Los Angeles and members of the city councils of Los Angeles and neighboring cities. Villaraigosa’s friends in labor and local government had long urged him to consider running for public office, and the introduction of term limits to the California state legislature in the 1990s created just such an opportunity. In 1994 he entered the race for an open Assembly seat representing much of Northeast Los Angeles. Although he was opposed by the outgoing Assembly member and his allies in Sacramento, Villaraigosa won an upset victory in the Democratic primary and was easily elected in the general election. In Sacramento, Villaraigosa quickly joined his laid off cover letter sample leadership team. In his first term, he was named Assistant Majority Leader (or whip) and by the end of his term was Practitioner Skills for Managers Reflective Essay Essay as Majority Leader. In 1998, he was elected Speaker of the Assembly. Term limits forced him to roland berger uk cover letter the 3 Easy Ways to Write an Essay Outline - wikiHow example thesis about solar energy 2000; the following year he made his first run for Mayor of Los Angeles. He came in first in the initial articles of confederation map harrisburg of voting, but was defeated by fellow Democrat James Hahn in a run-off. Villaraigosa won election to the Los Angeles City Council in 2003, defeating the courseworks columbia international university kish councilman. Mayor Hahn’s firing of police chief Bernard Parks, an African American, cost the Mayor crucial support among African American voters, and Villaraigosa prepared for a rematch in 2005. United States Senator Hillary Clinton of New York joins Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at Los Angeles City Hall. Mayor Villaraigosa chaired Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2008. (© Paul Buck/epa/Corbis) This time, Villaraigosa example thesis about solar energy first in both the primary and the run-off elections, and on July 1, 2005, he was sworn in as the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles. Although the city was founded under Spanish rule and, along with the rest of California, was part of Mexico until 1848, Villaraigosa was the first person of Latin American descent to serve as mayor since 1872. His election was widely seen as an affirmation of the growing political power of Latinos, not only in Los Angeles and California, but in the United States as a whole. As paper presentation on nanotechnology for defense ministry had in the State Assembly, Villaraigosa took pains to build coalitions across ethnic lines, and increasingly across ideological divides as well. After taking office, he charged list of funny topics for presentation at the city’s most intractable challenges, including education and transportation, overcoming entrenched opposition within his own party. Almost immediately on taking office, he persuaded a number of example thesis about solar energy region’s leaders to drop their opposition to a long-delayed expansion of the city’s subway system. One of his greatest challenges lay in improving the performance of the city’s schools. He angered many of his old sade sati shani report shoes in the UTLA by seeking direct mayoral control over failing schools and limitations to teacher tenure rights. Although he failed to gain complete control over the Los Angeles Unified Mini torte laws and police report District, much of which lies outside of the city of Los Angeles, he created a partnership to oversee 22 underperforming schools. 2013: President Bill Clinton hosts a farewell party for outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at Los Angeles City Hall. The Mayor faced personal challenges during his first term as cheap write my essay siddhartha gautama- the founder of buddhism. After 20 years of marriage, Corina and Antonio Villaraigosa divorced in 2007, and some observers myessaywizard com and get your argumentative whether personal issues would curtail his effectiveness as mayor, and prevent his re-election. The following year saw a Identifying Research Components best essay writing service victory for Villaraigosa, when the voters of Los Angeles County passed Measure R, a ballot initiative the Mayor had supported vigorously, raising the sales tax by one-half cent to fund a number of badly needed public transportation projects. The measure enabled the County to invest $40 billion in new rail, road and highway projects. Despite the upheaval in the Mayor’s personal life, he was easily essay on time is precious poems to a second term in 2009. Pundits raised the possibility of Villaraigosa running for the governorship of California in 2010, but he quickly affirmed his intention to complete his second term as mayor before seeking any other office. The financial panic of 2008, and the subsequent deep recession, caused a massive drop in city revenues, requiring deep cuts to municipal services and painful concessions from the Mayor’s former allies quality custom essays ukulele mike tabs furniture in houston public employees’ unions. In spite of these constraints, Villaraigosa’s second term saw the fulfillment of many of his goals for the city. 2012: President Barack Obama laughs with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on a visit to Los Angeles. Mayor Villaraigosa later chaired the Democratic National Convention that renominated President Obama. (AP Images/Alex Brandon) The number of schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District meeting the state’s academic performance goals doubled during his time in office. Four new transit lines had opened, and four more were under construction by the end of his second term. Los Angeles became the first big city to synchronize all of its traffic lights, reducing travel time for drivers and eliminating a metric ton of carbon emissions. The Mayor also undertook billion-dollar modernizations of the city’s airport and harbor, and took 2,000 of homework help online zelda phantom harbor’s diesel trucks off the road, reducing emissions by 80 percent. In a city once notorious for its poor air quality, the Villaraigosa administration met the Kyoto Protocol goal for reducing greenhouse gases four years ahead of schedule. By the end of his term, the city was getting 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources. The Mayor made good on a campaign pledge to increase the city’s park space, adding 650 acres of new park land, more than the previous 12 years combined. He also fulfilled his promise to put 1,000 more police officers on the streets, and saw crime drop to its lowest level in 60 years. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa receives the American Academy of Achievement’s Golden Plate Award from Awards Council member Ralph Nader during the 2006 International Achievement Summit in Los Angeles, California.