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Mobile, PDA, e-paper, kindle-platforms, applications for iPad and iPhone - Converged journalism Mobile, PDA- e-paper- kindle-platforms, applications for iPad and iPhone - Converged journalism. Mobile versions of English newspapers began to appear in 2006-2007. It was at this time general report card comments bank the British mobile market was on the verge of becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. The volume assignments discovery education hurricanes wikipedia the mobile market in the UK amounted to. in 2006, 661 million pounds (about 1.3 billion dollars), half of the revenue was received from subscribers aged 25 to 34 years. " Today, Great Britain is among the countries el hombre de arena eta hoffmann analysis essay penetration of mobile phones is close to 100%. The growth of the mobile market stimulated the British publications to actively develop the mobile platform. And today many newspapers have a version for a mobile phone. Simon Waldman (Simon Waldman), Director of Digital Direction at the Publishing House "Guardian Newspapers" (Guardian Newspapers), notes that in these days it is very important "to guarantee writing a letter of recommendation weakness crossword provide users with the opportunity to receive the content that they want, and necessarily where they want and when they want." Therefore, the mobile platform is becoming. more and more important recently " Such policies are also adhered to in other (& quot; Telegraph & quot ;, & quot; Mirror & What should i write my application essay on, best ;, & quot; Times & quot ;, & quot; Faynenshel Time & quot;, etc.) editions, the mobile version of which provides access to all site materials with order essay online cheap starbucks business communication practices latest updates. On the mobile phone you can get the latest news, the results of sports competitions, news of politics and business, weather reports, advertising information, and the mobile version of the "Times" is also an opportunity to see the job market. British newspapers are actively using the mobile platform to attract advertisers. & quot; Guardian & Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net one of the first introduced a system that allows the user to request a callback from the advertiser or send a brochure to the email address. The mobile version helps British publications attract new readers. London Evening Newspaper & Evening Standard & quot; (Evening Standard) offered readers the game "Win a luxury car by 9 pm", take part, which could only be by mobile phone or e-mail. "The newspaper received at its disposal an impressive database. Today, about a quarter of the circulation differs by the owners of these numbers." Many British publications (The Guardian, The Observer, Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net Times, Mirror, San, etc.) use for media distribution such media platforms as PDA, e-paper and Kindle. & quot; Fainenchell Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net & quot; provides an opportunity to receive the latest news, world business news, stock indices, vacancies and stock prices on PDA custom content writers site usa -version of English newspapers completely coincide with the printed ones. For example, on the website of the newspaper & quot; Times & quot; in the section " e-paper & quot; visitors are informed that reading the "Times" and & quot; Sunday Times & quot; (Sunday Times) can be at any time and anywhere using e-paper-display - at home, at work. This version of the newspaper completely coincides with the printed edition. Sections of sports and business news are located in the same way as general report card comments bank a regular newspaper, but are supplemented by various digital functions. The UK became the first European country in which Amazon began selling e-reader kindle for reading ielts book 8 writing task 1 tips, newspapers, magazines. Kindle - unidentified missing persons report texas versions usually include articles, but do not display graphics, tables, charts, etc. Articles printed (and possibly online version of the publication) are delivered worksheets on writing letters of the alphabet the user wirelessly on his Kindle every morning. Kindle -version is today at the "Daily Telegraph", "Financial Times", "Independent", "Dayleigh Mail", " and many other British newspapers. British publications were among the first among the world's newspapers to develop applications for the iPad. And today have accumulated a lot of experience. In 2010, the management of the "Financial Times" reported that it will pay each of its employees (and about 2000 of them) a premium of $ 480 to buy an iPad or Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net other tablet for reading. This is done in business research terms and concepts essay to accustom to reading the newspaper on the tablets of its employees. The company implements these investments, as it understands that new media platforms are Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net very important for the media industry. iPad app & quot; Financial Times & quot; 2010 (Figure 2.1) was one of the first newspaper applications for tablets. And despite the fact that now it no longer exists, world publications can benefit from the experience of organizing the iPad version of the British edition. iPad app & quot; Financial Times & quot; it was the same pink shade as the printed version was free to download, but like the access to the site, the user first had to register and pay a monthly fee for access to all the materials. Registered users received free access to 10 articles per month, a standard what to write about in college essay Lake Forest Academy gave access to all the materials for $ 22, per month. The application provided an opportunity to share materials via email, Twitter or Facebook. Fig. 2.1. iPad app & quot; Financial Times & quot; 2010. The user could make sure that the most interesting sections for him were displayed first. Search opportunities in 2010 favorably distinguished iPad-application FT from similar applications of other publications. A useful feature was the presence of a list of & quot; recently viewed & quot; materials. The newspaper & quot; Times & quot; A free application for mobile devices based on Android. An internal link to the site was essays cheap we guarantee our customers as an additional function of the application. iPad Apps & quot; Times & quot; launched in 2011 (Figure 2.2). After a 30-day free use, you will need to pay a subscription (4 pounds per week). Subscription provides access to newspaper materials & quot; Times & quot; and & quot; Sunday Times & quot; through smartphones, tablets and a website. The application is downloaded from 5am every day. Reading is available in both horizontal and vertical mode. Fig. 2.2. iPad app & quot; Times & quot; 2011. There are drawbacks. The application is built in such a way as if all users start reading the newspaper from the first page and finish on the last page. Obviously, not everyone reads the publication in this way, but the application focuses specifically on this reading. You need to click on the & quot; articles & quot ;, and then the & quot; business & quot; to get into the business section, but the user wave report maui hawaii weather not custom papers writers site for university the full picture of what is presented in the & quot; business & quot; section. For example, some pages are accompanied by photos, but the headings are too small to read, so the only way to find out what these articles are about is to look at them individually. This adds additional inconvenience to reading. First page & quot; Best in Times & quot; (this application is an analog of the printed version, it has the first and last women empowerment essay universal healthcare in america. Links from it lead to the best materials of the day. The pages of the newspaper with editorial articles and letters of readers also have references to the five best editorial articles of the day. But for some reason other sections, such as business and sports, are not equipped with such references. In the iPad app & quot; Times & quot; the visual component is very well thought out. Photos in the application can be increased, often used slideshow, a lot of graphics. Video materials are also widely used. They are provided by the subsidiary company "News Corporation"; & quot; SkyNews & quot; (Sky News). There is an opportunity to see exclusive materials from the "Times" archive. The newspaper numbers are stored on the tablet for a week, you can Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net help writing my paper stop blaming victims for sexual assault bookmark to return to reading the article later. Many British newspapers decided to make applications that would include all or most of the printed materials, i.e. almost coincide with the newspaper format. Material structure & quot; Times & quot; fully reproduced in the iPad version. Head of Journalism at London City University and former editor of "Times & quot; George Brock (George Brock) believes that this is a wrong approach. People of age will probably be satisfied with the printed edition on a new digital platform, but young readers will most likely not be satisfied with the page turning. In those days when there is a lot of news, something extraordinary happens, the "Times" usually makes an additional application for the iPad. For example, on July 19, 2011, when media tycoon R. Murdoch stated that he was not personally responsible for the scandal involving the telephones of celebrities by News of the World journalists, a special version of the tablet version was prepared at 8 pm. In the application, the first page was redesigned, six new pages appeared, additional video and photo materials. The phone burglary scandal is an excellent example of how to apply different versions of the publication. Readers will not use the iPad version to follow the rapidly changing news, they will watch them using a mobile or Internet version. All the latest news appeared on the site, including numerous videos related to the scandal, additional documents, such as barbuto tirando a barbaric essay information on key best argumentative essay London International Academy such as: D. Murdoch and R. Brooks (head of News of the World) were available on the Internet, this information was not in the iPad version and in the printed edition. The sunpower laguna ojt narrative report application provided expert analysis of events and their background, which users could read in the morning and in the evening. The information of the iPad application does not seem outdated by the end of the day, although some of the materials have ceased to be significant, as the events change. The feature of annamalai university distance education project report information in the application were interactive graphics. You could click on the seat of members of the committee of the House of Commons thesis on bullying on facebook the case of hacking to see their biographies and attitude to the scandal. According to some experts, the iPad is an opportunity to convey to the readers an individual package of information, rather than a product that is the same for everyone. That's why the newspaper "Telegraph" made an application with personalized content. When the user turns on the iPad in the morning, a page is created that is individually tailored for him: with the weather The Right to Fashion Research Paper for the day in a particular region, traffic reports on the reader's required college courses Oregon State University (INTO) the & quot; Telegraph & quot; well thought out submission of materials. Users can click on the & quot; global view & quot; ( global view ) to see what is happening on the world map in real time. You can click on the country to see all the news related to a particular region, including photos and videos. A specific place on the map can be increased to street level. A convenient navigation feature is the presence of a search button that allows you to search for information by keywords. A good feature in the & quot; Sunday Times app & quot; (The Sandy Times), which was launched in December 2010, is that each column can be downloaded separately, or - all sections at once. The heading & quot; Sports & quot; has the function of updating the results of sports competitions. As in "Telegraph", there is an opportunity to see world Anorexia Nervosa Essay | EssayGlobe.net, which are presented in the form of a world map, the user can click on different countries to get a summary of the main news of the past week. The & quot; Quotes of the Week & quot; accompany photos of famous speakers, the user can click on the photo, quotes suddenly appear in the form of a cloud. The envelope icon means that the user can click on it to write a letter to the author of the article. The newspaper application also includes interesting exclusive offers, for example, the opportunity to download a movie once a week. The iPad application of the newspaper is one of the best. In 2011, it had the highest rating in the Arr Store among British newspapers.